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For reliable electrician services in Rotorua, the team at Turnbull S F Electrical are the experts. Our technicians can assist with a variety of electrical issues ranging from new installations to troubleshooting.

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New home & extensions

Whether you are about to build your new dream house, or are looking to extend the family home, Turnbull S F Electrical can help. Our electrician services include all the wiring and electrical work needed for renovations or a new home. You can trust that our specialist team will handle your electrical needs with the utmost care and precision.

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Blown fuses

If you have an electrical issue at your home or workplace in Rotorua, don't risk injury by trying to identify the problem yourself. Call in the experts at Turnbull S F Electrical.

Our years of industry experience ensures we can locate and address the problem quickly and efficiently.

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If you need to install a new electrical product in your home such as a ceiling fan or a power point, you can rely on our professional electrician services. Our electricians are highly skilled and accredited specialists so you can be assured of safe and lasting results. Call us in Rotorua to arrange a quote today!